Podrum Berlin

Podrum Berlin

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Craft gin emphasises craftsmanship.
Craft distillers handcraft their gins, know each and every botanical that goes into the product and what purpose it serves, are passionate and innovative in the way they approach gin.

Distillers can stretch their spirit by concentrating gin. In this process, they distill a huge quantity of botanicals with a small amount of liquid. The result ends up being a highly concentrated distillate to which the producer adds neutral spirits and water after distillation. It cuts down drastically on the labor involved in prepping the botanicals and saves on buying those botanicals and larger or additional stills.

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Sovilj Design


Sovilj Design

What is Podrum Berlin ?

We are a concept store with selected spirits, craft beers and wines of which most are locally handcrafted with finest and organic ingredients. With a large selection of liquors, rare whiskeys, rums and cigarrs.We are your one stop shop for all your needs. We value high quality products and also want to give small destilleries and producers a platform to offer their great stuff. Whether you are looking for gin, whiskey, mazcal, cognac, liqueur, rum, vodka or any other type of spirits.We insure your needs.
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